Ganymede Outsourcing Approach is designed to assist our customers and partners to get the best out of their outsourcing experience by using best practices. This approach is constantly redefined based on inputs from the "Best Practices" sessions held with our various customers.

Opportunity Analysis

A good outsourcing strategy starts with the analysis of risks and rewards of outsourcing specific IT functions of the customers. While developing a strategy, we take into consideration the following:

  • Identify customers’ key business objectives
  • Identify, select, prioritize IT functions
  • Determine what skills to keep in-house and what to outsource
  • Risk and reward evaluation
  • In short, we help our customers determine if outsourcing is right for them and if so, how Ganymede can help customer in going with us.

Offshore Implementation

After understanding the business drivers, needs and requirements, Ganymede will develop an Offshore Solution for the Client and present it as part of the formal contract. After identifying which of our customer’s IT functions are most suitable for outsourcing, our experts will help our customers:

  • Develop a comprehensive action plan
  • Determine how to move forward with speed and confidence
  • Master Professional Agreement sign-off
  • Statement of Work sign-off
  • Skill set requirements and resource sign-off

Migration Strategy

Working offshore is totally different ball game, new rules, new issues and new risks. It is very important that our customer understand these challenges and have a plan to conquer them. Our expertise in this domain assists our customers with:

  • Developing a comprehensive offshore migration strategy
  • Organization structure
  • Modifying existing processes to support the new arrangement
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Environment replication or transfer
  • Talent Sourcing
  • Offshore communication process and channels
  • Offshore transition task management
  • Transition is the time when our customers’ IT department is the most vulnerable. We ensure smooth transfer.

Governance Strategy

Governance is the key to a successful outsourcing initiative. Governance in an outsourcing setup involves putting a monitoring and evaluation program in place and deciding on various performance levels and deliverables to be measured. Our experts work with our customers and their team to develop monitoring and evaluation programs that best suite our customer business environment. We help customers identify area of potential improvement, take certain proactive measures and derive an action plan for the future.

Ganymede has a proven Value Addition Model that defines a steady progress from being just a development partner to a business partner. As the relationship evolves, Ganymede gains sufficient knowledge about the Client's products and services to identify and implement improvements proactively.