Ganymede has an excellent Offshore Development Center (ODC) in Chennai, India basically to offer cost-effective services to our customers and partners world over. Our strategy is to have a pool of specialized multi-disciplinary BI/DW and Mobile Application Development resources available to customers on a dedicated or as-needed basis. We assemble, organize and manage the team, supervise complete project life cycle and constantly train and keep the Team updated with the latest development concepts and technologies.

The strategic value to customer’s company lies in its ability to have world class service, operate through best practices without having to make significant investments and manage processes internally or increasing headcount and fixed costs.

Advantage outsourcing projects to India and Ganymede?

Outsourcing brings about strategic value to our customers and partners through:

  • Reducing costs - transforming fixed costs to variable costs providing operational flexibility
  • Access to expertise - of outsourcing partners many of whom offer domain competencies
  • Focus on core business - a firm's executives are freed to focus on building and strengthening their company's core business
  • Increased operational flexibility -allowing organizations to better adapt to market changes and customer demands
  • Improved service quality
  • Ability to scale - rapidly to match a company's growth