Google Apps for Education:

Free Office suite with Emails, Docs, etc.

Learning Management System (LMS):

Pioneers in Integrating Moodle and Google Apps and facilitating Dynamic content creation. In addition to the standard features such as Collaboration, Quizzes, and Access irrespective of time/place, the value additions are Mobile enablement and offline delivery of content.

Secured Testing:

Leaders in conducting tests in a controlled manner in iOS, and Android handsets. The limitations of conducting (especially) in iOS has been addressed comprehensively. Secured Testing is also made available on any end device- Laptop / Desktops / Handhelds.

Student Information System (SIS):

Student Data Management, Tracking Inquiries, Expedited communications, Process automations, Reporting, etc

These features are in addition to the standard feature set available for each system. Additional features, if needed, can be designed to based on customer requirements.

Some benefits of Ganymede’s Mobile Campus

The Mobile Campus solution, which is easy to adopt/use, is aimed at adding value to the eco system of Student, Teachers, and Institution. Here is a partial list of the benefits:

  • Students learn in a collaborative environment, accessing and contributing to learning content irrespective of time/location, that integrates with the technological advancement.

  • Teachers can benefit from quicker computation & tabulation of test results, creation of training material dynamically, and simplified communication to students/parents

  • Institutions can take advantage of Analytics/Reports to attract/reach out to a larger potential student base, Scale up to global standards, and have a higher perceived value amongst parents/students/society as being futuristic

Mobile Campus Solution

Ganymede focuses on building a futuristic and a holistic solution, by leveraging technology, for enhanced educational experience. Having reviewed the available E-learning/M-Learning solutions, Ganymede’s U-Campus is transformational in addressing the specific needs/pain points of different stakeholders of such initiatives.

Underlying principles for Mobile campus

Facilitate a progressive and seamless adoption of technology into the existing eco system

Pluggable modules to benefit the entire spectrum of customers- from Institutions without any (technology based) educational platform to Institutions with advanced systems

Extensive training and Handholding- to help customers get acclimatized and reap the full potential of technology enabled educational platform

Additional value added features to improve the stickiness to the system

How is Ganymede different?

The general observation is that most of the E-Learning/M-Learning solutions have a Pre-defined/Static content delivered using a Learning Management system with standard features such as: Anytime-Anywhere access, Collaboration, Quizzes, etc. This approach of Static content has caused monotony to users and has been detrimental to the usage of E-Learning/M-Learning solutions.

Ganymede’s Campus solution (primarily LMS) provides Dynamic content creation for Teachers, and Students thereby making it truly collaborative and relevant.

Also, we are one of the few educational product companies that provide integrated solution ((learning over laptops/PCs/Tablets, Smart Phones) comprising of Student Information System/Learning Management System/Content Management System and Secured Testing. The User Interface is consistent across the system.

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